Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing - Sun Elf Guard Troop

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Wave 1 Expansion Pack

Expand And Upgrade Your Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing Game!

The Harper Legion has recruited many powerful allies, including a troop of elven archers so deadly in their accuracy that they can find the weaknesses of the strongest enemies. Led by Limnen, the elven warrior with a mysterious past, they are known for forming up and peppering their enemies with countless arrows before their foes can even draw their weapons.

Today Limnen's troop has been given a difficult mission. Nymmestra the Wizard has sent them to retrieve an important missive left at the edge of a forest, knowing fell well that the area is crawling with enemies who serve the evil dragons. But Nymmestra knows that Limnen has led her troops to countless victories.


1 Adventure Booklet

- Behind Enemy Lines

6 Painted Plastic Figures

- Harper Legion Elves / Sun Elf Troop

6 Transparent Bases with 6 Plastic Adaptors

6 Creature Tokens

2 Maneuver Dials

2 Action Tokens

- 1 Target Token

- 1 Dodge Token

2 Effect Tokens

3 Duration Tokens

4 Disabled Upgrade Tokens

1 Exhaustion Token

1 Critical Hit Token

1 "No Attack" Token

1 Pivot Token

2 Point Soldier Tokens

5 Troop Tokens

2 Creature Cards

- Harper Legion Elves

- Sun Elf Archers

2 Maneuver Cards

- 2 Ground

8 Upgrade Cards

- Column Formation

- Displacement

- Elven Accuracy

- First Strike

- Limnen

- Line Formation

- Point Blank Shot

- Reassemble

1 Campaign Artifact Upgrade Card

- Mithral Thorn

Ages: 14+

Players: 2+

Game Length: 60 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing - Starter Set is required to play.

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