Star Wars: Battle of Hoth Playmat

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Spielmatte für X-Wing und Armada.
Größe: ca. 91,5 cm x 91,5 cm

Engage the enemy in dramatic, high-speed dogfights while one of the galaxy?s most memorable battles unfolds beneath you! For use with X-Wing? and Star Wars?: Armada, the 36? x 36? Battle of Hoth Game Mat features imagery of the Galactic Empire?s march on Echo Base atop a no-slip rubber base. The ion cannon, shield generators, and trenches ? they?re all there. You?ll almost hear the rumbling of the AT-ATs as they march forward. All you need to add are your ships!
- The vibrant red and orange clouds of the Bespin Playmat recall the drama of The Empire Strikes Back
- Recreate the climactic space battles of Return of the Jedi on the thematic Death Star II Playmat
- Each 3' by 3' playmat is made of natural rubber, features a slip-resistant bottom, and is legal for X-Wing and Star Wars:
Armada tournament play
- Use two playmats side-by-side to form the 6' by 3' play surface for X-Wing Epic Play or Star Wars: Armada

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