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The Sciences Division supplemental rulebook provides Gamemasters and Players with a wealth of
new material for use in Star Trek Adventures for characters in the sciences division. The Sciences
Division supplemental rulebook includes:
? Detailed description of the sciences division, covering the science and medical departments,
Starfleet Exploratory Division, Starfleet Science, and Starfleet Medical.
? An expanded list of Talents and Focuses for science and medical characters, as well as new
character creation choices for cybernetic and genetic enhancements.
? A list of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and rules for their inclusion in Star Trek
Adventures missions.
? Guidance on creating truly strange and unique alien species, as well as advice on including
spatial anomalies, parallel universes, the Q, and time travel in your adventures.
? Rules for creating new, truly alien species, introducing hazardous and hostile environments
into scenes, and new mechanics for suffering or curing diseases.
? Detailed descriptions and game statistics for a range of Science and Medicine focused NPCs
and Supporting Characters, including Carol Marcus, Noonian Soong, and Zefram Cochrane.
The Star Trek Adventures supplementary rulebooks and sourcebooks require the Star Trek
Adventures core rulebook in order to play, available from product code MUH051060.

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