MagneBox - EU/US mini - long

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If you want to store your game cards in a convenient way, this is made for you!

The MagneBox holds your cards between dividers, which you can adjust. The lids is held in place by magnets, which make sure that none of your valuable cards get lost at any time.

Choose the long or the short version for either the US/EU mini cards or the Standars sized cards (Magic, EU/US)

Assembly takes about 15 minutes and glue is needed.

EU / US Standard
EU / US Mini
Long Short Long Short
200 x 110 x 81 mm 100 x 110 x 81 mm 200 x 87 x 61 mm 100 x 87 x 61 mm

647 Unsleeved 313 647 Unsleeved 313
388 Thin 188 388 Thin 188
194 Thick 94 194 Thick 94
*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

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