Arkham Novels: The Dirge of Reason Novella - EN + exclusive LCG cards

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Arkham Horror Novelle in englischer Sprache mit 5 exklusiven Karten, die nur über diesen Roman erhältlich sind.

Lake house destroyed. Thirty-eight dead. Cause unknown. The Dirge
of Reason throws Federal Agent Roland Banks into the deep end in a
case riddled with mystery and chaos. Roland has always done things
by the book, but the book has very little to say about ancient myths
and wrathful gods. Written by renowned author and game designer
Graeme Davis, The Dirge of Reason follows the twists and turns of
Roland?s investigation for 96 pages, and you?ll find excerpts of the books,
newspapers, missives, and other text related to the case compiled and
given a life of their own in a 16-page full-color insert.
The Dirge of Reason also comes with five new cards for the cooperative
Living Card Game® Arkham Horror: The Card Game, exclusive to this
product. These include alternate art investigator and mini cards for
Roland Banks, along two new Roland Banks signature cards, which
afford players an alternate way to bring Roland into any investigation.

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