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The P-5000 Power Loader is a commercial mechanised exo-skeleton designed and patented by the Weyland-
Yutani Corporation. The Power Loader multiplies the strength of its user?s strength and lifting capacity several
times and is capable of comfortably manipulating loads of up to 4,000kg. Quite simply, it is designed to be used
as a slightly more elegant alternative for loading cargo onto vehicles and other general heavy lifting tasks than
a conventional forklift, rig or crane. In no way is it designed to be a combat vehicle, but it is used extensively by
the USCM Aerospace Corps for its traditional purpose, which means it simply cannot help but find itself in the
field of battle at times.

As far as makeshift fighting machines go, the P-5000 is not too much of a poor choice. With a reinforced steel
frame supplying a limited amount of further protection and simple to operate hydraulic fork-clamps offering
some sluggish but strong close-quarters capability, the Power Loader is still a force to be reckoned with. The
manufacturer claims the P-5000 will mimic your motions almost exactly and can traverse all but the most
treacherous ground. It is also common for P-5000 Power Loaders used by the USCM to be fitted with M260B
flamethrowers to further their ability as improvised fighting machines.

It is recorded that a Power Loader was used on an unidentified starship to engage and defeat a fully grown Alien
Queen in dire circumstances. However, Weyland-Yutani Corporation has since restricted access to all records
of the full events, but it is a story regularly told by almost all Colonial Marines who, due to the nature of the story,
couldn?t even attempt to embellish the story as they do with all the others they tell.

Box contains:

  • 1x 32mm Powerloader
  • 1x 40mm plastic base
  • 1x statistic card
  • 1x 40mm ping token

Fraktion: AvP Marines

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