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Stalkers, also known as Dogs or Scouts, are small, quadruped xenomorphs. They are extremely quick and agile,
able to slip into small tunnels and past many of the defenses their prey tries to hide behind. They are physically
different from those xenomorphs spawned from human hosts, most notably by the hunched, animal-like posture
and lack of dorsal tubes. They do, however, have the smooth domed head-carapaces that young Warriors exhibit.

Physically, they are nowhere near as strong as a Warrior, instead relying on their speed and stealth in combat.
Leaping onto its target with blinding speed, it is able to attack from seemingly nowhere. They are also able to
spit acid quite a distance to strike at foes who do not expect such an attack. Their exo-skeleton is fairly weak
and unlike their larger cousins, they do not explode when destroyed by bullets or fire.

Box contains:

  • 5x 32mm scaled resin miniatures
  • 5x ping tokens
  • 1x stat card
  • 5x plastic base

Eine andere Art von Wesen, die schnellste der Brut.

Box enthält:

·         5x 32mm skalierte Harzminiaturen

·         5x Pingmarker

·         1x Statkarte

·         5x Plastikbase

Different kind of animal, the fastest one of the brood. Box contains: 5x 32mm scaled resin miniatures 5x ping tokens 1x stat card 5x plastic base

Fraktion: AvP Aliens

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