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Serving as a guard for the hive?s Queen, these xenomorphs rarely venture very far from the hive proper.
Vastly larger than a Warrior, they are among the most powerful of all of the strains. One of the final evolutions of
the xenomorph lifecycle, these creatures are much more intelligent and cunning than typical aliens.

The most distinguishing feature they possess is that of a large head crest similar to that of a Queen, however
they lack the smaller, extra set of arms a Queen has. Typically dark in color, their hues range from ebony to a
deep blackish-blue. Their armoured skin is neigh on bullet proof, and they are able to continue fighting where
lesser xenomorphs would have been cut down. Although dwarfing the smaller members of their species, they
are nearly as quick and agile as them while being immensely stronger.

While they are exceptionally smart and devious, they often find that it is largely unnecessary and can simply
take most enemies head on. Their claws end in long talons that can tear through armour as if it were paper, and
their long bladed tails can piece even the toughest yautja?s defenses. At range, they can spit large quantities of
acid as well, making them a deadly foe at any distance.

Box contains:

  • 1x 32mm scaled miniature
  • 1x ping token
  • 1x plastic base
  • 1x statistics card

Sogar die Königin braucht Bodyguards.

Die Box enthält:

·         1x 32mm skalierte Miniatur

·         1x Ping-Token

·         1x Kunststoffsockel

·         1x Statistikkarte in Deutsch

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