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Possessing the raw strength and power of the yautja, the speed and tenacity of the xenomorphs, and the
cunning and intelligence of both races, a Predalien is one of the single most dangerous threats that can walk the
stars. They are birthed when a yautja has become a host from an egg implanted by a Facehugger.

While the yautja have various means of preventing this, when it does happen, a terrifying creature if created.
Standing slightly taller than a xenomorph Warrior, a Predalien possesses the mandibles and dreadlocks of a
yautja, as well as the chitinous exo-skeleton and whip-like tail of a xenomorph. Its head has a translucent dome
and sunken eye sockets, but whether it needs these to see is unknown. While most Xenomorphs have a black
exo-skeleton, a Predalien is noted for its yellowish tinge to its body, a carry-over from its yautja host.

While its combat abilities are peer to even the most seasoned hunter, its true purpose is to spawn xenomorphs
quickly. Equipped with a flexible inner jaw and an extendable proboscis similar to those found on Facehuggers,
it latches onto a host?s head and can lay multiple eggs into one victim. Erupting in a shower of gore from their
host organism, these Chestbursters then mature rapidly into full grown xenomorphs.

Seen as an abomination within the eyes of the yautja, they stop at nothing to eradicate all traces of these
creatures. The knowledge of a live Predalien is enough to summon even the most senior hunters to eliminate
it. They do not see it as a worthy trophy or a righteous kill, but as anathema; to them, a Predalien should never

Box contains:

  • 1x 32mm scaled resin miniature
  • 1x ping token
  • 1x plastic base
  • 1x stat card

Selbst mächtigste Jäger fallen und werden Aliens Beute. Diejenigen die Pech haben und leben, werden benutzt um furchterregende Hybriden zu züchten.


Box enthält:

·         1x 32mm Harz Miniatur

·         1x Ping Token

·         1x Plastik Basis

·         1x Stat Karte

Even mightiest hunters fall and become Alien's prey. Those who are unlucky and live are used to breed terrifying hybrids. Box contains: 1x 32mm resin miniature 1x ping token 1x plastic base 1x stat card

Fraktion: AvP Aliens

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